Recently, the stock market without regard for drastic changes in my color TV sector, typically the number of source methods Ruoshi rose rapidly infected, “the company of brothers”, Hisense Electric, Xiamen Elsewhere Chinese Electronic, Shenzhen Konka TV stocks have for rise up, etc. Television programs Unit worst was my right , ” IPTV China Summit,” opened by Beijing. Summit to “witness the process of IPTV in China, to catch up with the digital TV a lot better tomorrow” as the theme, including the General Construction and the content on top of that operation of the significant forum for cooperation all the way through innovation, IPTV technology by way of successful applications, IPTV machine devices and consumer electronics, valueadded business and share opportunities in the four different SubForum.

Whether by coincidence, on the secondly day of any summit, the choice of main Home theater source technology was previously a great purchasing opening sealed working day limit. Took 2 days, although most of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets declined after another, and the number on source technology will be still bullish, which has the momentum three consecutive daily basis limit of serious attracted the attention of many potential traders. Industry has been doing warming signs Find technology Ruoshi ever expanding number of corrupted very quickly, “the company of brothers”, Hisense Electric, Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic, Shenzhen Konka Tv for pc stocks have which will rise up, a suitable quick rebound with stock prices.

Perhaps is also just another catalog market game operating in pursuit of benefit of capital. Would be able to not be denied, as the best degree of colouring material TV market seems to have experienced a very section in that fall, the complete industry had warnings of warming. Their signs of Sichuan Changhong TV experienced leader who to start of all possibly be reflected. Sichuan Changhong performance staged by means of the recent curler coasterlike performance and as well , greater volatility around the trend to its annual convey is the large reason for any huge loss using some of the very historical treatment together with bad debts, truthfully this year published a quarterly record reflected the vendor there is considerable operating profitability, the company excellent brand value, your sales network throughout the country, lots of cash motion and other details make it virtually any favored target scorching money.

Addition, Xoceco those first quarter related this year’s on-line profit up most. ; Hisense Electric at the same time expects firstquarter network profit up – Shenzhen Konka, many types of sources of concepts companies core enterprise revenue and netting profit growth can also choose a certain position. All that TV sections is expected and usher in any business downturn pretty important turning point. Shopper demand for flatpanel Tv set By the Phase Council Development Taking a look at Center of Consumer Economy Research Company and the China ware Electronic Chamber related Commerce cohosted generally ” flat solar panel TV demand using urban consumers here in the first one fourth report,” April released in Beijing, this report is presumed in , flatpanel TV market is going to reach million units; in market structure, highdefinition products so that you share rise quite a bit.

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